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Sunday, July 8, 2018
African Networking For Language Documentation
ANet is a collaborative Network set up by African scholars who are working in the field of documentation of African languages. Its objectives are the following: 1. Strengthen the bonds of collegiality between 展开 members of the Network; 2. Provide a forum for members to share field experiences and to cooperate with each other; 3. Support training and building capacity of its members; 4. Disseminate useful information emanating from partner organizations among the Network members; 5. Facilitate the archiving of data on dedicated servers by members, as well as helping to ethically manage access conditions of the data; 6. Promote local collaboration among members at national levels and facilitate inter-national cooperation among the different national networks. ANet est un réseau de collaboration crée par des Universitaires africains qui travaillent dans le domaine de la documentation des langues africaines. Ses objectifs sont les suivants : 1. Renforcer les liens d’amitié et de fraternité entre les membres du réseau; 2. Servir de forum aux membres pour leur permettre de partager leurs expériences de terrain et s’entraider ; 3. Favoriser la formation et œuvrer pour le renforcement des capacités de ses membres; 4. Relayer les informations utiles qui émanent des organisations partenaires auprès des membres du réseau; 5. Soutenir le processus d’archivage des données sur des serveurs dédiés et créer les conditions de libre accès qui sont en phase avec les valeurs de l’éthique 6. Promouvoir la collaboration au niveau local entre les membres du réseau national et la collaboration entre les réseaux des différents pays.

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Maximilien Guérin

Linguistique et Langues Africaines (LLA) - Call for papers

The third issue of the journal Linguistique et Langues Africaines [African Languages and Linguistics] (LLA) has been published! The contents can be checked here: The fourth issue is due to be published by the end of 2018.

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The Department of Linguistics at Yale embraces an integrative approach to the study of the language, based on the premise that an understanding of the human language faculty arises only from the combination of insights from the development of explicit formal theories with careful descriptive and experimental work. Members of the department offer courses and conduct research in which theoretical inquiry proceeds in partnership with historical and comparative studies,fieldwork, experimental work, cognitive neuroscience, and computational and mathematical modeling. Faculty expertise includes all of the major domains of linguistics (phonetics, phonology, syntax, semantics, and pragmatics) and spans a wide range of languages, with particular expertise in Slavic, Romance, Australian, and Indo-Iranian.

Claire Bowern receives Graduate MentorAward

July 3, 2018
The award “honors faculty members at Convocation for their exemplary qualities as mentors.”

Stephanie Fielding featured inYaleNews

June 18, 2018
As a Presidential Visiting Fellow, Stephanie has spent the past year at Yale teaching the Mohegan language and raising interest in language revitalization.

Joshua Phillips publishes article on RoperKriol

June 11, 2018
Based on field research and a translation of the Bible, Joshua’s paper investigates the difference between the first-person pronounsai andmi.

Dolly Goldenberg finishes 3rd in 3-Minute Thesiscompetition

June 2, 2018
In just three minutes, Dolly explained to audiences how we use our sense of touch to help us hear and understand speech.
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Welcome to the Yale Linguistics Department, an intellectually exciting community where coursework and cutting-edge research focus on the problem of understanding the human capacity for language. Students, postdocs, and faculty work individually and collaboratively, using traditional methods of inquiry and new interdisciplinary tools, to characterize and explain the range and limits of human linguistic diversity.I invite you to explore our website to get a sense of the Yale Linguistics community.

Bob Frank, Professor and Chair


Dow Hall (370 Temple St), Room 204 PO Box 208366 New Haven, CT 06520-8366


Chris McDaniel Registrar, Office Manager Tel: (203) 432-2450

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In a VOA Learning English story about a Cambodian-American filmmaker , we used the preposition in this way: “She says changes such as migration away from rural areas are allowing more women to find work and provide for their families.”

provide for

This preposition can also be used in other ways. “ Provide for ” can mean to make it possible for something to happen in the future. For example, in our story about water shortage in California , we wrote, “They say it [California] needs to find a way to provide for the growing need for water.”

Provide for

Provide (something) to/for:

When “provide” is followed by a direct object, English speakers can use the prepositions “to” or “for.” Provide (something) to/for (someone) means that you deliver or give something to someone. For example, “The company provides health insurance to all of its employees.” “Health insurance” is the direct object and “employees” is the indirect object. In this example, we also could have said “The company provides health insurance for all of its employees.”


Both of these sentences are correct, but it is more common to use “provide (something) for” than “provide (something to)” someone. The expression using “to” is rather new to American English, according to the Internet application Google Ngrams.

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is an app that shows general changes in English usage by searching all the words in Google’s digital books.

The graph on Giuseppe Zanotti Laminated stretch fabric boot SALOMè 1GwuYyxf
shows it was hardly ever used before 1960.

Compare that to the Ngram graph for “provide (something for).” The expressions appear more often. The expressions also appeared much earlier, around 1920. They were used then almost as often as they are used now.

Understanding English prepositions can be difficult, even for native speakers! But we hope that we have been able to provide assistance to all of our listeners and readers.

I’m Kelly Jean Kelly.

Jill Robbins wrote this story for Learning English. Ashley Thompson was the editor.


Words in This Story

prepositions - n. a word or group of words that is used with a noun, pronoun, or noun phrase to show direction, location, or time, or to introduce an object

direct object - n . a noun, pronoun, or noun phrase which indicates the person or thing that receives the action of a verb

indirect object - n . a noun, pronoun, or noun phrase that occurs in addition to a direct object after some verbs and indicates the person or thing that receives what is being given or done

High quality olive oils are OK at low heat or at room temperature.

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How To Choose The Best Olive Oil (Beyond Organic Extra Virgin)

When we think in terms of ancestral nutrition, a diet of saturated fats from organ meats, dairy and coconuts were common and easy to access. Taking the oil out of a vegetable seed only happened in our digestive tract. Extracting a vegetable oil from a sunflower seed requires an enormous amount of pressure. Once the air and light hits these delicate oils, the risk of damage through oxidation is extremely high, which makes one wonder whether we were meant to eat only the seed rather than press the seed to extract the oil…

According to the science, when it comes to fats, it is all about the rate of oxidation. Healthy people who have lots of naturally-occurring antioxidants in their blood and lymph and enjoy a properly balanced ratio of omega-6 fatty acids to omega-3 fatty acids seem to do fine, and there are even reported health benefits.

In smokers, the elderly, or folks in a weakened state with less natural antioxidant activity, the tendency for greater oxidation and damage to these omega-6 vegetable oils rises, along with associated health concerns.

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The Dangers of Dining Out + 16 Ayurvedic Cooking Tips
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What about avocado oil for cooking?

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Eiman says

My question exactly! Please clarify about avocado oil. Thank you.


Eric says

Lard and tallow are left off yet again!

Love donuts? Try making your own fry bread at home with whole wheat pastry flour and deep fried in tallow then cut open and top with raw honey and full fat yogurt. Not for every day but a great treat next time you crave some fried dough.


Esther B says

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